This site will be dedicated to this kind of hobbies like fishing. Different types of fishing as amateur and sports fishing. The site will provide sufficient text and video materials that will help answer many questions anglers. Site's administration will answer for user's questions with great pleasure.

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Largemouth bass fishing: tips lures tackle

Largemouth bass or trout-bass is one of the types of perches belonging to the genus of black basses.

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Fly fishing: tips, tackles and lures

Fly fishing is a type of fishing without a float and sinker using artificial or alive insects.

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Do you want to learn more about crappies and crappie fishing? Welcome to this section on helpful tips, guidelines and strategies that will provide you with a great chance to improve your knowledge and skills. The good news is that this information can help both newbies and experienced fishers, and that’s because they can learn […]

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Experienced Berkley scientists invented modern and, according to reviews, effective Berkley Havoc baits.

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line counter

Using Berkley Line Counter, which is produced in the United States, you can forget about any bulky reels to count the line when you want to fish at controlled depth.

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There have become more fans of trout fishing among anglers in recent years.

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