Experienced Berkley scientists invented modern and, according to reviews, effective Berkley Havoc baits. The brant said, that some of the best professional bass anglers took part in the process of invention. They joined the team and create a new line up of very useful and beautiful baits, based on the anglers favourite fishing techniques and styles.

Berkley Havoc Pit Boss baits design

Each unique product of this line has specific actions in design, that can help any angler to win tournaments and have an ability to catch more fish. Every bait was designed by Skeet Reese, professional angler, who prefers to fish with a flippin’ stick, that’s why he decided to use the features of the flippin’ technique fishing to create a special bait. Production involves the using of special soft plastic formula without no scent. This distinctive feature allows to use your favorite attractants and scents. The collection includes twenty eight bright and attractive colors and also you have an opportunity to choose between several sizes.



According to the lots of reviews, we can talk about next advantages of using Berkley Havoc Pit Boss baits:

  • Good for variety of fish;
  • Easy to handle;
  • Strong;
  • Looks very realistic;
  • Irresistible to fish;
  • Easy to store

The Pit Boss, we talk about, can mimics both a baitfish or a crawfish. The size allows to use lots of different forages, while the Pit Boss moves in the water and provoke bites in different conditions. Mostly you can buy Berkley Havoc Pit Boss baits in the form of packaging and there are eight baits in every package.

Professional fishermen are advised to use this product for jigging or fishing in fresh water. Given that the product is manufactured in the United States, there can be no doubt of the quality of products.

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