Using Berkley Line Counter, which is produced in the United States, you can forget about any bulky reels to count the line when you want to fish at controlled depth. This fishing device allows to set the bait at any depth you need, don’t be worried about getting into the feeding zone. If you have a heavy duty screw clamp, it’s not a problem to attach the Berkley Line Counter almost to any rod. Your readings will be accurate to 999 feet if you choose counters from this brand and the line slippage will be minimal. The using of such counters is very simple because of next features and options:

  • The line release can be automatic or manual and have a tension adjustment.
  • Fishing devices, we talk about, have an easy push button reset.


Beginners and experienced fishermen prefer to use Berkley Line Counters mostly with reel combos and conventional or bait casting rod. According to the reviews of many users we can introduce you several advantages and minor disadvantages of this product.

The most important advantages are:

  • Good accuracy;
  • Functionality;
  • High reliability and durability;
  • Easy installation;
  • Easy operation.
  • Low cost.

The minor disadvantage is — the mechanism of interaction has very high sensitivity, that’s why it’s better to use Berkley Line Counters with braid or light mono filament, but not with the wire line.

To make a conclusion, this fishing accessories are very popular among the beginners because of the low cost and simplicity of using. You will get the most out of your fishing and will have an ability to use the next options and features.

  • Tensioning the line.
  • Automatic release of the line during pulling the fish.
  • The exact depth control of fishing.
  • All the options you can control by pressing only the one button.

Try Berkley Line Counters and get a real satisfaction from the fishing.


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