Are you looking for an amazing fishing rig that is unique enough to fetch you a number of fishes? Carolina rig is one such piece of that has the capacity to hold plenty of fishes. It is really revolutionary because there is no other rig that does the work like this. This comes into play where others fail and we are saying this not because we aim to advertise it, but people vouch by it.
Things become very boring when your gear does not work and you still carry it for the whole day. A time comes when you think about relinquishing it for your rest of your life but is that a solution? Not at all! Instead choose the one that promises to win for you’re the fishing tournaments and the associated accolades.
We shall now delve into the detailing of the Carolina rig and many other facts associated with it. We will also talk about the tricks and trade that can make you a winner.

The amazing carolina rig: tricks just for you!

We in this guide have come up with the skill used by an experienced fish catcher who has put this Carolina rig for good use and has won several tournaments with its help. He explains that how important it is to use this rig effectively to maximize the fish catching results.

There are several things associated in a rig:

• Line
• Rods
• Reels
• Baits

The experts suggest that the equipment should be used to keep the rigging as simple as possible otherwise the results are not desirable.


Having said this, he further adds that in most of the situations this rig works out to be best for the situations such as:
• Shallow water
• Deep water
• Clear water
• Stained water
Put your rig in any of the above kind of water and see the results!

How durable the rig is?

If you possess the Carolina rig then it indeed is a decision that will make you its proud owner. You saw yourself what all it has as equipment. All the gears are so sharp and developed with the precision technique that the hit is never wasted. You are always with bait in your hands and if you participate in the tournament, you surely are going to be the winner.

Talking about the durability, its owners say that it lasts for at least a year.

What this rig is a winner?

For that you shall have to use it or read our guide! Well, talking about its quality, we already told you that it indeed works very precisely and you just cannot overlook this fact. What actually keeps it going is that it keeps the bait near the bottom and is also capable of holding on to a faraway ground area.

The underlying fact is that you need to make use of your rig effectively in order to gain good results. For instance, do not go for a C-rig, when the bass are not relating to the bottom.

How to catch the bait effectively?

Carolina rig: tips are surely a way out to effectively catching up the bait. If you observe the modus operandi of the professionals, they put a good use of the rig. They suggest that the rig should be used as search bait. This actually works wonders because it is used to cover a lot of water which enables them to get more of the fishes.

But, the professional are very smart and keep on changing their strategies. Once they see that the search bait is getting them good results, they change the bait. Instead, they use bait that is a more focused one.
You can also use the same bait that gets you good results instead of changing it.

Which type of a rig should one use?

Choose the rig according to your own choice. We shall talk about a 3/4ounce sinker on the main line. This is just an example to tell you how you can use a rig effectively.
• You can use a bead and a Trilene knot which is tied on a swivel.
• A three feet long leader is attached to the rigging hook
• The main line can be prepared to by attaching it to a leader
There are some facts that should be kept in mind. The leader should be invisible to the fish and the main line used should be sturdy and give a low stretch. You can also choose two different types of baits.

What’s the scent for?

Fishes are attracted to the scent of the food and it does the needful. Its scent is dispersed in the water and that attracts the fishes. When a fish comes near the bait it regards the scent to be that of food and approaches the bait and tries to grab it. The baits used should exhibit more scent than the regular ones.
This actually becomes the main ground for attracting the fishes.

Scheming cleverly to catch fishes

We shall call it carolina rig: tactics to be more appropriate. We talked about the baits and the significance of scents but do the color of the bait plays a part too? Yeah! It does. The more colorful you keep the food; the better it becomes to get hold of the fishes. As a water creature, fishes are attracted immensely to the scent and color.
For keeping the food color more vibrant and attractive, you can choose the following tips:
• Noodle in green pumpkin
• Watermelon with red flakes
You can pick the color of the food according to your own choice; these were just some examples to give you an idea. Another tip is that, you should keep changing the color of the food to keep the fishes pinned up.
All this was for water that is clear, but in case of tannic water, you should make a judicious and intelligent choice of the color of food. Because without that catching up the fishes becomes a distant dream.

Vibrating the water

Use a sinker that stays at the bottom and creates intense vibrations. This makes you literally feel the life below water; you can get the feel of what lies beneath. Knowing the composition of the water is very essential.

It may work effectively for the fishes that are deeper inside the water. The knots should be protected and the professionals suggest using beads on the knots. But make sure that are of plastic and should be equipped with the holes large enough to cover the knots.

You can also vary the length of the leader and see the fishes dance to your tune.

How to tie a Carolina rig

In this video you can see the best method to tie carolina rig

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