What are you: an amateur or a professional fisherman? Where do you prefer fishing: out on a lake or along a lake shore? For better or for worse, welcome to improve your strategic skills and succeed at freshwater fishing!

Do you really know ponds and lake Fishing?

9+3 Tried & Tested Tips, or Hard-Earned Wisdom Shared by Gurus

What are you: an amateur or a professional fisherman? Where do you prefer fishing: out on a lake or along a lake shore? For better or for worse, welcome to improve your strategic skills and succeed at freshwater fishing in no time!

Depending on the place where you’re going to fish, your tactics varies as well and you need a different style. However, there are some tried-and true lake fishing tips that every angler should follow. Indeed, skill and timing combined makes perfect fishing and fun sport! Either fishing all your life or just being a first time fisherman, a few more lake fishing tips will never bother.


Lake & River Fishing 9 basic tips

Here is where to start from before getting out on the lake and catching some fish. These tips are not specific to certain fish species, but they will make you a much more skillful angler.


• Fish like to congregate in comfy weed beds and search food in mossy areas, along with places where the freshwater turns from shallow to deep and comes with sunken structures, ideal stuff for the fish comfort.

• The hotter it is outside, the deeper you should fish, because of cooler water down below. There is less oxygen in warmer water!

• Sun reflection on shiny fishing lures not only attracts certain fish, but also blinds them and causes confusion.

• Larger fish enjoys either worms or locusts, which are always a great bait choice.

• Natural lakes tend to have more successful results than man-made ones. Both of them can boast sustained fish populations. But like ponds and rivers, the lakes have creel limits – amount of fish allowed to remove per day.


• Check all the local fishing reports and research the fishing region to the max: e.g., kinds of fish living there and things they really like. Get to know your fishing grounds from a nearby resident, fisherman, or tackle dealer.

• Sunrise has been a classic time to fish abundantly for ages; so, go out fishing as early as possible. Most fish feed either during the morning or evening.

• On windy days, the bait fish gets pushed closer to shore; therefore, the big fish will feed on it closer too. Generally, in order to have more bites, you should cast close to the shoreline.

• Plan your strategy: whether to obtain a boat or to fish from the shore. In the former case, you can pile everything into your boat and move around for casting, trolling, and still fishing.

3 Lake Fishing Tips, Tricks, Tactics, or Techniques

Below read our special advices for different kind of fishing on liakes and ponds

Bait Casting

The general idea is to repeatedly cast, retrieve, and take the fish while lures are in motion. With casting, any bait is presented to the fish in another manner. Use a deep-running plug and retrieve it with slow, hesitating movement. Nobody knows what is in the fish mind; thus, you should experiment using imagination, until hitting upon a method that works. Watch the plug and practice various kinds of retrieves. When fishing live baits, try many to tell which one tickles a fish fancy



This is fishing from a moving boat, which trails the lure or bait at a distance of at least 15 m. You’ll troll the best if someone else rows. At all times, watch your rod tip for a fish, as it may strike at any moment and make even the stiffest rod alive in your hands. The fish actually hooks itself while you’re trolling.

Still Fishing

You simply fish from an anchored boat. Select your spot and use probably any kind of tackle. But, never use a new line, because it will become waterlogged very soon. Besides, you ought to use a bobber or a float attached above baited hook. Now, bait up, flip out your line, and wait. Keep watching the bobber for signs of action down below. If a bobber ducks under suddenly, then a big fish is on its way. Well, raise the rod tip sharply, reel in keeping steady line tension and you will bring it in gradually. If you’re bass fishing, count ten slowly and prepare for a fight.

Now, you are ready to hit any lake in no time!

• Bluegill is fairly easy to catch with minimal equipment and basic techniques.
• Crappie fishing is true fun from a boat.
• Bass are worth fighting.
Catfish and carp are simply great right from the shore.
• Steelhead offers a big payoff and great time.
• Pike takes time and preparation.

Last thing to remember: you do not always have to use fancy fishing technique to catch the biggest and tastiest fish in your life…

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