Sea bream is a fish with flat oval body, high spin and large head with protruding lips. Maw of the sea bream is a real nightmare for enemies and victims. Strong jaws even allow to tear off the shellfish from the stone and crash their shells.

Bream is a typical representative of the Mediterranean, but it also common in the Atlantic Ocean. Nowadays sea bream fishing is very popular among USA, North African, Italian, Turkish and Greek fishermen. In Greece, Turkey and Spain this fish is grown up in artificial conditions on fish farms.

Species of bream

1. Red sea bream fish.

It’s popular on the territory from the Mediterranean to the waters of the Southern Hemisphere. Fishing areas located in New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Italy. The favorite food is small fish, worms and crustaceans. It has a reddish tint body. Notwithstanding the slow growing, the length of adult fish is 70 cm. A little smaller and younger fish is also allowed to catch.

2. Black sea bream fish.

The favorite habitats are Mediterranean and the Eastern Atlantic. He lives near the shore at a depth of 15-50 meters under the layer of algae. This fish prefer sandy or rocky bottom. This kind is smaller than other similar fish – the length is about 30-60 cm. He has a black or dark grey colored body with hard scales.

Tips and tackles

Several tips, which you can find further, will help you to catch the best fish you have ever seen.

• Remember, that sea bream’s favourite places wrecks and rocks, because it may prefer seagrass meadows and sands which are there.

• Use small baits because of the small size of its mouth. It must be crustaceans, small fish, crubs and warms.

• It can often be found at a considerable distance from the shore, that’s why you must learn how to cast a fishing rod far away and accurately for a long distance.

• You must be accuracy and try not to forget to use the clip to clamp the fishing line on the reel spool to send snap every once in one and the same point.


• Pellet feed recently become extremely important bait. Now they are considered as a standard part of all bait fishing methods that require significant complementary feeding, whether feeder fishing or creating feed carpet on the bottom.

• A large species prefer nightlife more than the day activity, that’s why you must get ready to catch it in the darkness.

• Bream is fond of sandwiches with different baits; they are more effective than usual feeding. Try to use combinations with corn, worm, red maggots and pupae.

Important! Don’t keep a lot of bream in one place, because they will die.

Sea bream fishing can give you maximum sport if tackles are well balanced and right chosen. This species can be caught whether the bait will be on the bottom or in mid water – both methods are viable. When you are fishing from the shore, a two hook flapping rig is a right choice and there is no need for difficult rigs, as first variant allows to present different bait on each hook.

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